Events - 03/13/2018

Part L, NZEB and Ventilation in Dwellings at IGBC network meeting

March Meeting – NZEB and Ventilation in Dwellings

An updated version of Part L – Conservation of fuel and energy – dwellings is due to be released for consultation later this year in order to comply with the requirement of meeting the NZEB standard for dwellings after 2020.

One of the key areas under review is likely to be the nexus between increased air tightness, ventilation and indoor air quality. Ian Mawditt will discuss the outcomes of his research into indoor air quality in UK homes and the impacts of the different types of ventilation strategies to improve it. How do backstop approaches to ventilation still permitted in Irish regulations, such as background ventilation, trickle ventilation and hole in the wall fare when tested. What are the impacts on moisture and indoor air quality? What is shown to work? Should we be worried about current approaches?

We are delighted to have Ian Mawditt one of the leading researchers into indoor air quality speak in Dublin on his research.

Ian Mawditt is a building researcher, specialising in the field of energy performance and occupant comfort. He is the founding director of Four Walls – an independent building performance and research consultancy based in Bristol. The company specialises in post-construction testing and evaluation; in-use studies of building performance, including energy use analysis, indoor air quality investigations, ventilation effectiveness; and occupant satisfaction studies.

Ian’s work and field experience help to provide an evidence base for informing building performance standards. He was part of the technical team that supports the UK DCLG in the development of amendments to Part F and Part L of the Building Regulations. Ian was engaged by Innovate UK as an expert evaluator under the Building Performance Evaluation programme, and provided technical guidance for the Retrofit for the Future programme. He also worked with the Zero Carbon Hub, providing strategic and technical support to their research programmes and publications.

This special Green Building Network is held in co-operation with Passive House Association of Ireland and with the kind support of IGBC member Aereco and the Canadian embassy.


Date and time: 28/03/2018, 6pm-8pm

Venue: Embassy of Canada – 7 Wilton Terrace – Dublin 2

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