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Air inlets

ZWRHV 40 / KWHRVA 02 ist ein Außenluftdurchlass für die Wand Kategorienbild


Wall humidity sensitive air inlet

Installed on the wall or on a rolling shutter casing, the EHT humidity sensitive air inlet is the ideal choice for air admission through the wall, and thus provides an alternative where lack of available space (on window frames) prevents the installation of window mounted air inlets.

Produktbild ZFH/ZFHV/ZFHA/ZFHVA Bild der Produktseite Einbausituation


Acoustic humidity sensitive air inlet for windows

The stylish design of the EHA² air inlet enables perfect integration on most windows or rolling shutter casings. With the inclusion of high efficiency acoustic foam the product reaches an acoustic attenuation of up to 42 dB when mounted with the special base and canopy. An optional device allows on demand manually closing or opening of the air inlet, complementing the humidity sensitive function available on the EHA².

Außenluftdurchlass ZUROH 100 / ZUROH 110 für den Rollladenkasten Kategorienbild mit EInbausituation am Fenster


Humidity sensitive air inlet for rolling shutter casings

With its flat design and its special airtightness sleeve, the EAH² air inlet is perfectly fitted to equip rolling shutter casings.


Humidity sensitive air inlet for windows

With its slim design (only 31 mm thickness), the EMM² is optimised to discreetly integrate on windows.

Exhaust units


Demand controlled exhaust unit for MEV

The BXC exhaust unit incorporates all the functions one could request from an air exhaust unit. With various activation modes such as humidity, presence, CO2 and VOC for example, the BXC exhaust unit automaticaly adjusts the level of ventilation according to occupants’ needs in all situations, all rooms.


Exhaust unit with presence detection for MEV

The TDA exhaust units directly adjust the extracted airflow to the level of human presence detected in the room. The airflow level in “presence” mode can be adjusted at every moment according to the usual number of occupants in the room (1 to 4 persons per vent).

Exhaust fans


Collective fans for attic or outdoor installation

The VCZ attic exhaust fans offer several models with capacities from 100 m³/h up to 3500 m³/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other types of buildings.


Collective fans for outdoor installation

The VTZ fans range offers five models with capacities going from 500 m3/h up to 7 000 m3/h for the equipment of collective dwellings, offices, schools or other buildings. The VTZ fans are designed for an outdoor installation, in terrace or on a pitched roof. Many connecting parts are available to adapt to different encountered cases. The VTZ fans are characterized by their solidity and by an excellent energy efficiency, thanks to the use of high-performance electronic commutation motors and to an integrated pressure control device.

Non residential systems


Demand controlled ventilation for non-residential buildings

VMX is a unique system that automatically modulates the ventilation on the basis of information received from detectors that measure CO2 concentration, movement, or presence.


S-SERIE sensors for indor air quality - Products page category


VOC sensor with digital and analog outputs

Indoor environments contain various gases and microscopic particles that can impact human health. The S-VOC is designed to accurately and reliably determine the level of volatile organic compounds (VOC), typically associated with cigarette smoke, cooking smells, and other pollutants.
S-SERIE sensors for indor air quality - Products page category


CO2 sensor with digital and analog outputs

Most new buildings in developed countries are nearly air-tight, entailing a risk of poor indoor air quality if there is a lack of ventilation. Indoor air quality can generally be assessed by measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide, known to be representative of indoor air conditions.
S-SERIE sensors for indor air quality - Products page category


Relative humidity and temperature sensor with digital and analog outputs

The S-RH/T is designed for applications such as demand-controlled ventilation and air conditioning where accurate measurements, excellent long-term stability, and maintenance-free operation are absolute musts.
S-SERIE sensors for indor air quality - Products page category


Indoor air quality sensors with digital and analog outputs

Aereco introduces its new range of sensors to measure the concentrations of CO2, VOCs and humidity to control buildings HVAC system.

Canopies and inlet channels

Window canopies

Attractive integration and protection

External air inlet canopies protect the elements of the frame (windows, casings) hosting the air passage holes against bad weather and water infiltration. Their role is also aesthetic: they blend in perfectly with the frontage and windows.


Airflow controller canopy

Not only does the AC external canopy protect the interior of the window from water infiltration and volatile insects, it also controls the airflow to avoid over-ventilation in case of excess of pressure through a patented device. This ability makes the AC canopy particularly suitable for tall buildings or windy locations. The AC external canopy can be installed with either fixed or humidity sensitive air inlets.


Window telescopic sleeve

By ensuring the continuity of the airflow from the outside canopy to the air inlet, the E-TFR protects the interior of the window and avoids cooling to prevent internal condensation.