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retrofit ireland proposal

Radon and Retrofit (PART 2/2)

>PART 1: What is Radon and Why must we take it seriously in regard to retrofit in Ireland? Managing the Radon risk, a proposal   We are about to embark on a national progra ...
radon in retrofit houses

Radon and Retrofit (PART 1/2)

Why we must take radon seriously in regard to retrofit    Changing a building from one state to another is not without consequence. After all, it’s moving it from one state ...
MEV installation -Advice category page

How to install an MEV system?

First, the installation of a Mechanical Extract Ventilation system, or MEV, must be done by a qualified technician. In addition to the information in this article, it is necessary ...

How to maintain a MEV?

For some ventilation systems, such as MEV for buildings with shared occupation, maintenance and servicing of the system is usually mandatory. To determine the maintenance and serv ...

Ventilation and savings

The only role of ventilation used to be to provide the occupants of a dwelling with the fresh air that they needed. Then, with the decree of the 24th of March 1982 in France, venti ...

How to install an air inlet?

Air inlets are essential components of mechanical (MEV), hybrid and natural ventilation systems. Their installation must be perfectly mastered to guaranty optimal functioning.
indoor pollution sources

Indoor pollution sources

The first objective of a ventilation system is to ensure good indoor air quality, replacing stale air with fresh air from outdoors. While indoor pollution – a result of emissions ...