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Ventilation Basics Series

Ventilation Basics #1 – Why we need ventilation 

Ventilation is basically the mechanism by which we take bad air out and let fresh air in.

Discover in our first episode of the Basics Series the different sources of pollution in a dwelling, and the solutions to obtain a better quality of indoor air.


Ventilation Basics #2 – System types

What are the different ventilation systems? The answer to this question is inside this video!

In the previous video, we offered you to discover the different sources of pollution in a dwelling,and the significance of ventilation. This new video will allow you to learn more about natural ventilation, passive stack, mechanical ventilation or heat-recovery ventilation. This light and simple overview of these four common ventilation systems explains how they work and more.

Watch this video below or on our youtube channel.



Ventilation Basics #3 – DCV

What is DCV (Demand Controlled ventilation) ?

How does it work and how can it respond to my Air Quality needs?

Find the answers to these questions by watching our third episode from the Ventilation “Basics Series”.