BXC hps: New product in compliance with buildings regulations

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From 1st November 2020, all mechanical systems – “should indicate to the occupant that the system is operating correctly and if a fault has occurred. Control indicators should be in a visible location to the occupant and not in a remote location such as in the attic or above the ceiling.“ (Section TGD Part F 2019)

Introducing the new BCX hps

Aereco’s new extract grill with integrated control indicator to meet the new regulations in force from this November. The BXC hps provides the homeowner with information on the correct operating performance of the ventilation. In line with the new regulations, the BXC hps indicates correct running performance of the system and alerts the homeowner of a fault.

Under these new regulations, a fault indicator should show that the system is running correctly, a light that says there is power to the device or an app on someone’s phone is unlikely to meet the requirement. This new regulation helps to ensure continued performance of installed systems, and the Aereco BCX hps meets this new regulation on an existing platform, with the seamless integration with a control indicator.

The new Aereco BXC hps is designed specifically to work with Aereco systems and provides assurance of compliance with the new regulations.

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