AirQ2: A new smart Air Quality Monitor from Aereco

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With decades of experience in ventilationindoor air quality (IAQ) and monitoring, Aereco has designed a sensor that will be a valuable resource of information for those trying to keep indoor spaces safe during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The AirQ2 is a versatile air quality monitor from Aereco, designed to provide live information on the quality of the air we breathe. With determinable thresholds for the traffic light system, these monitors can be adjusted through the mobile application to provide the right information for the right kind of space. It will also help provide its users critical information when trying to balance outdoor air with thermal comfort.


We are committed during this time to pass on as much value as we can directly to the Education and Healthcare sectors who are on the front line keeping critical spaces open and safe. As a result, we will be prioritising resources to these two sectors in the first instance. 


Discover all the features of the AirQ2 :

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