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Natural ventilation: smart management of thermal draught, better use of pressure


The Aereco’s natural ventilation or passive stack ventilation (PSV) system used mainly in residential buildings, with room-by-room demand control of airflows. The Aereco’s natural ventilation system is a perfect solution for upgrading buildings formerly working in standard passive stack ventilation, by just replacing the inlets and exhaust grilles by smart components.
By proposing a humidity controlled air supply (in the dry rooms) and air exhaust (in the wet rooms), this system offers a very smart management of airflows in all rooms. The humidity controlled exhaust grilles also manage the stack effect, balancing the pressures and airflows along the duct column.
This Aereco’s system is especially dedicated to multi-family buildings. With its very low need for maintenance, it is particularly suitable for social housing associations.

Individual treatment for apartments or houses

In both individual housing and collective housing, natural ventilation exploits the natural forces (wind and stack effect) to renew the air within the dwellings. These forces create a pressure in the air duct that starts air circulation from the inside of the dwelling towards the air duct and then outside.
The air is exhausted through the wet rooms via exhaust units (2), and this induces an admission of fresh air through air inlets (1) situated in main rooms. Depending upon natural forces (wind and stack effect), the natural ventilation may be random: it is therefore necessary to control it.
The humidity sensitive system, while measuring the humidity rate to drive the necessary airflow, gives an appropriated answer to the variability of the natural forces as it allows to compensate automatically the variation of stack effect, especially in winter.
The pressures available in natural ventilation are from 5 to 15 Pa at the units, depending on building height and climatic conditions.

Management of indoor air quality

The Aereco’s natural ventilation system has been designed to optimise indoor air quality through its smart air inlets and exhaust units that automatically detect humidity. For example, during the night, the humidity generated by the occupants in the bedrooms is detected by the air inlets to adapt and increase the airflow, ensuring good indoor quality. During the day, the humidity generated by a shower is detected then exhausted by the unit, automatically activated at the highest airflow.

Energy savings on heat losses

The smart management of airflows proposed by the Aereco’s natural ventilation system enables to adapt automatically the ventilation to the needs in all rooms, at any time. This means that, when the dwelling has low or no occupancy, airflows are automatically reduced in all rooms, preserving the heat in cold season and reducing the energy consumption of the fan.

Ideal to retrofit and improve the performance of an existing standard PSV installation

The Aereco’s natural ventilation system is an easy upgrade of a standard PSV system, through the simple replacement of the inlets and exhaust grilles. No wiring, no electricity: the humidity sensor of the air inlets and exhaust units is fully mechanical. No need to balance the ductwork nor to set the components: the system automatically adapts the airflows.

Very low maintenance

Without fan, the natural ventilation system requires very low maintenance, through a simple yearly dusting of the inlets and exhaust grilles