NSAI Agrément Certification for Demand Controlled Ventilation

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We are delighted to announce two big pieces of work with the NSAI have now been finalised. Firstly, Aereco Limited has added to the Aereco group’s ISO 9001 commitment to Quality with a local certification, cementing their commitment to quality at all levels of the business.

Secondly, after many years of hard work and an exhaustive process, we have achieved the first Agrément in Ireland for Demand Controlled Ventilation, or indeed any type of ventilation system. Not only is it confirmation of the effectiveness of our system in meeting and exceeding regulations, it also significantly streamlines the Commissioning and Validation Process.

The Agrément applies to all our Demand Controlled Mechanical Extract Systems and provides a unique pathway for our constant pressure systems to be validated under the NSAI scheme.


>> NSAI Agrément Certificate 


“We are delighted with both achievements and hope it provides assurance to our customers of our commitment to excellence. Aereco have been trusted partners for many over the last decade and this is a big step in assuring that partnership for the next. This is something we never take for granted. The ventilation industry is developing rapidly and if the last year has taught us anything, is that we neglect IAQ and ventilation performance at our peril.

At Aereco we are committed to constantly improving and innovating the business and importantly the installed performance of our systems. It’s my hope that all this along with the recent release of our control indicator as part of the updated regulations for Part F, cements that commitment.” – Simon Jones, Aereco Ltd


NSAI Agrement Aereco DCV