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Management of indoor air quality 

Heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, (MVHR) removes the warm moist air within your home (kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, office areas) and at the same time supplies filtered, pre-warmed air to your bedrooms and living areas.It reduces the heat load in your home, giving a fresh and healthy house while also reducing heating costs. Wolf MVHR units are built to the highest standards and carry Passive House certification.

We at Aereco combine the Wolf Units with a manifold air distribution system designed to optimise the MVHR units efficiency and comfort. It leads to a quiet and long life system. We pride ourselves on our dedication to positive outcomes, and expert teams in the field. Our Aereco Quality Standard from design to commissioning ensure ventilation that works.



Benefits of heat recovery ventilation (MVHR)

Healthy clean air

Automatic anti-freeze control

The latest fan technology provides an optimally controlled volume flow

Extremely quite even at higher speeds

Passive House certification

Additional hepa filters and enthalpy heat exchangers available 

Simple and time-saving maintenance saves stress, time and money

Very low energy consumption 


Check out our MVHR range


The CWL 225(coming soon) 325 and CWL 400 offer the ideal solution for: 



Small office Solutions. 

• Clean, pollen-free, fresh and healthy air – good for allergy sufferers 
• State-of-the-art technology ensures outstanding thermal and electrical efficiency and thus reduces your energy and electricity costs 
• The CWL-2 is extremely quiet extremely at boost rate
• The latest fan technology provides an optimally controlled volume flow 
• The CWL-2 is also available with moisture-recovering heat exchanger 
• No odours or pollutants get into the supply air – for best hygiene and comfort 
• Simple and time-saving maintenance saves stress, time and money 
• Automatic antifreeze control provides reliable protection against freezing of the heat exchanger