Reference : Germany – Bedburg

Residential - 10/04/2013

This house in Bedburg, western Germany, was among the first to be re-furbished under the German Energy Agency model project, “Low Energy House”.

This featured a range of insulation measures, heating provided by a low carbon biomass boiler (wood pellets), with solar panels providing electricity. Ventilation was provided by an Aereco DCMEV system featuring EHT air inlets, a VAM constant pressure fan, and BXS Extract Grilles (now super-ceded by the multi-function BXC Extract Grille).

Following the refurbishment, the energy demand of the building was reduced from 484.9 KWh/m² per year, to 23.4 KWh/m² per year. This was one of twelve projects to be awarded a €5,000 architectural prize from the North Rhine Westphalia State Government for “Energy Efficient Building for the Future”.

Ventilation type
Mech. exhaust ventilation