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AirQ2: A new smart Air Quality Monitor from Aereco

with WiFi & Mobile App Integration and Personalized Dashboard



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The AirQ2 is a versatile air quality monitor from Aereco, designed to provide live information on the quality of the air we breathe.

With decades of experience in ventilation, indoor air quality (IAQ) and monitoring, Aereco has designed a sensor that will be a valuable resource of information for those trying to keep indoor spaces safe during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.



  • Real-time Monitoring: CO2, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, TVOCs
  • USB Power: Comes with two USB power ports.
  • WiFi/RS 485 – Mobile App Enabled: Easy access of the data on the website and AQI mobile application.
  • Micro SD card: Secure offline storage of data.
  • Customizable display for the status of a single parameter.
  • Customizable Backlit Halo for simple visual cue of air quality 




We have worked with our partners to produce a sensor that will be low cost, full of features and importantly useful for the long term beyond the pandemic. While the AirQ2 is designed for everyone including homeowners, we are committed during this time to pass on as much value as we can directly to the Education and Healthcare sectors who are on the front line keeping critical spaces open and safe. As a result, we will be prioritising resources to these two sectors in the first instance.

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CO2 and the rooms we occupy


CO2 can be a crucial source of information in determining adequate supply of fresh air, especially in naturally ventilated spaces. With determinable thresholds for the traffic light system, these monitors can be adjusted to provide the right information for the right kind of space. And help provide those users of the space with critical information when trying to balance outdoor air with thermal comfort.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we will help our customers determine the right thresholds for the space and offer advice free of charge on optimising the situation they have from the perspective of Indoor Air Quality.

Instrument Specifications


Features Description
Weight 227 gram
Dimensions 12x12x3 cm
Power supply 5V DC
Connectivity WiFi and RS485
Storage Micro SD card / Cloud storage


Sensor Specifications


Parameters Sensor Type Range Resolution Accuracy
Temperature Digital Sensor -30 to 60°C 0.1°C ± 0.1°C
Relative Humidity Digital Sensor 0 to 99% 1% ± 1%RH
Pressure Digital Sensor 300 to 1100 hPA 0,18 PA ± 3%
PM10, PM2.5 & PM1 Light Scattering 1 to 1999 µg/m3 1 µ/m3 0-150 µ/m3 is ±10% & for 150 µ/m3 onwards is ±15%
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Non-Dispersive Infrared 0 to 5000 PPM 1 PPM ± 3%, ± 50 PPM
Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs) Metal Oxide Semiconductor Sensor (MOS) 0 to 20 PPM 0.01 PPM ± 3%