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Check out our NEW MVHR range

InspirAIR® Top Premium

Elevate your indoor living experience with the InspirAIR Top MVHR system, a connected marvel of innovation designed to prioritise air quality, performance, comfort, and user interaction.

With Passiv Haus certification and recognition in the PCDB database, InspirAIR Top is your ultimate choice for top-tier indoor air quality, performance, and comfort.


DEX3000, Decentral MVHR Unit

A decentralised ventilation unit is a simple solution where one ventilation unit is placed in each room with separate connection through a wall or ceiling/roof. The simple installation means no need to fit ventilation ducts. The DEX3000 air handling units can be installed on an ongoing basis in line with needs and budgets, and th the installation can be carried out classroom by classroom, section by section, without affecting the school’s normal operation.

DEX3000 is available in three sizes:

DEX3060 (max. Erp airflow 650 m³/h)
DEX3090 (max. Erp airflow 900 m³/h)
DEX3120 (max. Erp airflow 1,400 m³/h)


CX3000, Ceiling MVHR Unit

EXHAUSTO’s ceiling-mounted ventilation units with counterflow heat exchanger are extremely space-saving and energy-efficient. The ceiling units can be integrated in a suspended ceiling or mounted in some other way on a ceiling or storey partition.

Like EXHAUSTO’s other ventilation units with counterflow heat exchanger, our ceiling units have low energy consumption and high temperature efficiency. The counterflow heat exchanger principle has separated airways as a protection against transfer of odour and humidity, thus fulfilling the requirements for healthy indoor climate.