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My Bungalow Bliss -Electric Ireland Superhomes

Great to see Aereco’s demand-controlled ventilation system installed in the television series “My Bungalow Bliss” on RTE. It’s not a coincidence that Aereco was chosen for this retrofit project of a 1970s bungalow in Oughterard, Co. Galway. Our DVC systems are quality-driven, fully compliant with part F, and cost-effective.  


Electric Ireland Superhomes Article: 

“To improve the indoor air quality of the home and to remove damp air, Aereco demand-controlled ventilation was installed. Demand control ventilation (DCV) measures the air quality of a home and adjusts the air exchange minute by minute, room by room, based on the actual need. DCV uses humidity as an indicator of air quality. Humidity levels increase as people breath, wash and cook in the home. The principal of operation is a humidity sensitive strip that accurately and consistently opens and closes the vents based on the relative humidity in that room.”



Reference: https://electricirelandsuperhomes.ie/case-study/niki-byrne-davin-larkin-galway/


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