Accurate measurement of VOC concentration and odours.

2 outputs for easy connection: analog (0-10V) and digital (PWM).

Can be adapted to different markets and applications.

No maintenance needed.

Long-term stability and performance.

MOS technology*.

Capacitive technology for humidity measurement

Equivalence of CO2 concentration.

Compact design, simple to install, ready to use.


A pertinent and extended measurement of indoor air quality

Using MOS* technology, the S-VOC measures the concentration of VOC and odours in real time and evaluates the CO2 level of the room. Its output signal reports values from 0 to 2 000 on a ”CO2 equivalent ppm” IAQ scale. This signal is available simultaneously in two forms: analog (0-10 V) and digital (PWM). *MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) technology: change of the electrical characteristics of the sensing layer depending on the nature and the concentration of the VOC which are detected.

VOC sensor with digital and analog outputs   S-VOC
Standard code   CAP1160
Measurement principle   Micro-machined metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) technology
Working range CO2 eq 0…2 000 ppm
Measurement reporting interval s 60
Supply voltage VDC 12 VDC +/- 10 %
Average power consumption A 40 mA
Max. peak current A 1 (use for fuse sizing)
Enclosure Protection   IP 20
Storage conditions   -25…50°C 5…95 % RH (without condensation) 85…110 kPa
Working conditions   0…50°C 5…95 % RH (without condensation) 85…110 kPa
PWM digital output    
Output data   0 to 100 % 0 % = 0 ppm CO2 eq ; 100 % = 2 000 ppm CO2 eq
Voltage VDC 12 VDC +/- 10 %
Frequency KHz 1
Output 0-10 V (analog)    
Output data   0 to 10 V 0 V = 0 ppm CO2 eq ; 10 V = 2 000 ppm CO2 eq
Voltage V 0 to 10
Required impedence Ω >1M
Weight g 80.5
Colour   white
Material   ABS



Installation and maintenance instructions – TF5709_B


Product booklet – FLY621GB_V1

Compatible ventilation systems: