Humidity sensitive system: modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity rate.

Acoustic attenuation up to 44 dB with accessories.

Optional closing and opening device.

Slim profile for easy adaptation on windows.

Easy to maintain: no adjustment, simple yearly dusting.


Oblique air jet for occupant comfort

The oblique air jet of the EHA² skims the ceiling ensuring progressive heating of fresh air for the improved comfort of the occupants.

Optional opening and closing device

This device is available on versions 5-35 (humidity sensitive) and 35 (without humidity control); it enables the occupant to choose between three modes: minimum, automatic (humidity sensitive) or maximum airflow. The device can be added after the product is installed.

Efficient protection against external noise

When installed on its acoustic base and with acoustic external canopy (A-EHA), the EHA² air inlet offers great acoustic attenuation, up to 44 dB at maximum opening, which makes it one of the best products available on the market with an air cross section this size (3600 mm²).

Air inlet   EHA5-35 EHA11-35 EHA17-35 EFA2 35
Standard code   EAR200 EAR202 EAR203 EAR309
Airflow characteristics          
Humidity sensitive  
Closing + opening device*   ¤ (EAR201) ¤ (EAF313)
Airflow (min – max) @ 10 Pa m3/h 5-35 11-35 17-35 35
Max. opening area mm2 3600 3600 3600 3600
Flat canopy   AP AP AP AP
Acoustic canopy   A-EHA A-EHA A-EHA A-EHA
Anti-insect canopy   AS AS AS AS
Airflow controller canopy   AC AC AC AC
Reinforced acoustic base   E-EHA2 E-EHA2 E-EHA2 E-EHA2
Reinforced acoustic base +   E-EHA²+ E-EHA²+ E-EHA²+ E-EHA²+
Weight g 271 271 271 250
Colours   white, brown, oak, grey
Material (main)   PS, ABS PS, ABS PS, ABS PS, ABS
Slot mm 2 x (172 x 12)
Window installation  
Rolling shutter casing installation  
Destination room   bedroom / living room

■: standard    
¤: optional
* The device can be added as an accessory on EAR200 and EAR204 codes (complete external body + button + cam)
** With AP, AS or AC canopies.

See more combinations in the table below:

Acoustics (combinations) Comb n.1 Comb n.2 Comb n.3 Comb n.4 Comb n.5 Comb n.6
EHA2 air inlet, max opening = 35 m3/h @ 10 Pa
Reinforced acoustic base (E-EHA²)
Reinforced acoustic base + (E-EHA²+)
Acoustic canopy with insect grille (A-EHA)
Canopies (AP, AS or AC)
Dn,e,w (C ; Ctr) Acoustic attenuation in dB 37 (0 ; 0) 39 (0 ; 0) 41 (0 ; -1) 42 (0 ; 0) 43 (-0.8 ; -0.7) 44 (-0.8 ; -1.8)


E-TFR E-TFR Window telescopic sleeve

Installation instructions – E4285_B


Product booklet – FLY389_V7


Installation instruction for the closing device – TF4705

Compatible ventilation systems: