Slim design: only 31 mm thickness

Humidity sensitive system: modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity

Directional airflow (horizontal) as an accessory

Manual closing and opening device in option

Additional airflow sleeve available as an accessory.

Slim profile for easy installation on windows

Easy to maintain: no adjustment, simple yearly dusting.


Directional airflow

The standard version offers an oblique airflow, which can be modified with the accessory O-EMM² to adjust the air jet horizontally in case of close proximity of windows reveals or ceilings. Therefore, the airjet is always optimal and the airflow guaranteed.

Additional airflow sleeve

The E-EMM² sleeve, available as an accessory, enables an increase in airflows for the different versions of the EMM² to satisfy regulatory requirements or to decrease the number of air inlets in some rooms.

A manual closing and opening device

This option, available on the 5-35 version, allows the occupant to choose between 3 modes: minimum, automatic (humidity sensitive) or maximum airflow.

Air inlet   EMM² 5-35 EMM² 11-35 EMM² 24 EMM² 35
Standard code   EHM1275 EHM1285 EFM1289 EFM1292
Airflow characteristics          
Humidity sensitive  
Closing device   ¤
Airflow (min – max) @ 10 Pa m3/h 5-35 11-35 24 35
Airflow (min – max) @ 10 Pa with additional airflow sleeve E-EMM² m3/h 22-45 26-45 36 45
Maximum opening area mm2 3 600 3 600 2 500 3 600
Dn,e,w (1)(2) Acoustic attenuation @ max. opening dB 31 31 31 31
Adjustment factors (C ; Ctr)  dB  (0 ; 1)  (0 ; 1)  (0 ; 1)  (0 ; 1)
Dn,e,w Acoustic attenuation(1)(3) with A-EMM canopy @ max. opening dB  36  36  36  36
Adjustment factors (C ; Ctr)  dB  (0 ; 0)  (0 ; 0)  (0 ; 0)  (0 ; 0)
Dn,e,w Acoustic attenuation(1)(3) with A-EHA canopy @ max. opening  dB  36  36  36  36
Adjustment factors (C ; Ctr) dB (0 ; 1) (0 ; 1) (0 ; 1) (0 ; 1)
Aeraulics sleeve (additional airflow)(4)   E-EMM² (ref. AEA1335)
Oriented sleeve(4)   O-EMM² (ref. AEA1339)
Flat canopy   AP AP AP AP
Acoustic canopy   A-EMM A-EMM A-EMM A-EMM
Standard canopy   AS AS AS AS
Airflow controller canopy   AC AC AC AC
Weight g 195 195 175 175
Colours   white / brown / oak / grey aluminium
Material (main)   ABS, PS ABS, PS ABS, PS ABS, PS
Recommended slots(5) (external distances) mm EMM²: 2 x (172 x 12) ; EMM² + E-EMM²: 2 x (172 x 16)
Existing slots(5)(6) (external distances) mm EMM²: (250 x 15) ; EMM² + E-EMM²: (250 x 16)
Fixing on windows  
Fixing on rolling shutter casings  
Wall installation  
Destination room   Living room / bedrooms

■ : standard    
¤ : optionnal
(1)Acoustic tests performed in CETIAT laboratory (test report CETIAT n°1663030-1).
(2)With non-acoustic canopies (AC, AS, AP) in standard version, without sleeve.
(3)Standard version, without sleeve.
(4)E-EMM² and O-EMM² can’t be used together.
(5)The slots ratings are external dimensions.
(6)These dimensions significantly reduce the airflow.
Note : The codes presented in this table are for white versions, without option (without closing device).


AC AC Airflow controller canopy
AEA1335 E-EMM² Aeraulics sleeve (additional airflow)
AEA1339 O-EMM² Oriented sleeve
A-EMM A-EMM Acoustic canopy
AP AP Flat canopy
AS AS Standard canopy
E-TFR E-TFR Window telescopic sleeve

Installation instructions for EMM² with orientation sleeve – TF6036_C


Installation instructions for standard EMM² – TF6146_C


Product booklet – FLY643GB_V5.1

Compatible ventilation systems: