Humidity sensitive system: modulates the airflow according to the local relative humidity.

Core drilling: easy installation on the wall, ideal for refurbishment projects.

Acoustic attenuation: up to 52 dB with accessories.

Easy to maintain: no adjustment, simple yearly dusting, and readily accessible filters.

Closing and opening device.

Airflow orientation choice : movable deflectors

Long-lasting material : doesn’t alter with time


Flexibility for comfort

The EHT² has three possible openings for incoming air: two side openings and an opening above the device. By offering the choice of assembly according to the configuration of the room, the EHT² gives more possibility of wall installation. The EHT² can therefore be installed close to the walls without the risk of damaging them or bothering the residents because of the incoming air.

New external canopy

The new and improved standard external canopy is more aesthetic and easier to install thanks to its round design. It has the same acoustic performance than the previous EHT standard canopy AEA778 without acoustic material installed inside. It incorporates a water evacuation gully to drain any water ingress to the external. Supplied as standard with insect mesh pre-installed.

The rain canopy

The rain canopy has a protective parable that blocks raindrops, even in the most extreme conditions. Thanks to this canopy, almost zero infiltration! Aereco wanted to accompany its innovations on the EHT² with a new design, clean and in tune with the times. Indeed, the EHT² fits perfectly into the interior home by appearing space-saving and thin.

Clever insect filters

Clean the insect filter? It’s easy: the EHT² rotates and provides access to two types of removable filter. The F-EHT is easily accessible directly from the duct and the EHT² grid is even simpler from the base of the air inlet!

Air inlet   EHT² 5-40 EHT² 11-40 EHT² 6-30

Acoustic wall kit
EHT² 5-40

EFT² 24 EFT² 40 EFTO² 40
Standard code   ETH1853 ETH1858 ETH1855 ETH1984 ETF1863 ETF1864 ETF1865

Corresponding EHT code







Airflow characteristics                
Humidity sensitive  

Closing device

Airflow (min – max) @ 10 Pa m3/h 5-40 11-40 6-30 5-40 24 40 40
Max. opening area mm2 3 800
Accessories / composition of the kits                
Air inlet (EHT)  
ø100 mm tube, length 350 mm  
Acoustic foam for ø100 mm tube  
Acoustic foam for ø125 mm tube  
Anti-insect removable filter (F-EHT)  
Anti-insect inlet grill  
Wall rain canopy (A-ETH-AR)  
Anti-insect wall standard canopy (A-EHT-AM)  
Wall standard canopy (A-EHT)  
Weight  g 436 429 472 693 394 422 422
Colour   White
Material (main)   ABS
Installation   Does not suit for wall drilling larger than 130 mm
Spigot* mm ø100
Wall passage dimensions mm ø100 or ø125
Wall installation  
Destination room   bedroom / living room

■: standard / included  
◊: compatible
*Exists in bracket version

Acoustic performances of the different kits

Acoustics (combinations) Comb n.1 Comb n.2 Comb n.3
Air inlet EHT²
Ø100 duct
Acoustic foam for Ø100 duct
Ø125 duct
Acoustic foam for Ø125 duct
Wall standard canopy for EHT²
Acoustic attenuation Dn, e, w (C ; Ctr) in dB 40 (0 ; -2) 45 (0 ; -2) 52 (-1 ; -4)

Note: acoustics results for recommanded slots.




EHT2 Schematics

AEA776 ø100 mm tube Wall plastic sleeve ø100 mm, L.350 mm for EHT²

EHT2 standard canopy - side

AEA1958 A-ETH Standard wall canopy with insect grille
raincanopy AEA1955 Rain wall canopy
AEA064 ACW Airflow controller: limits the airflow to 40 m3/h
AEA774 F-EHT Removable filter for ø100 mm tube
AEA086 ø125 mm adaptor for ACW related product
B6796 Acoustic foam for ø125 mm duct, 48 dB
B6794 Acoustic foam for ø100 mm duct, 43 dB
EHT2 Data Sheet


Installation and maintenance instructions - D7126-A